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Sunny Skylights was formed in 2004 as a direct result of me not being able to find a quality skylight installation for a reasonable price, anywhere in the Western Cape. Sure there were plenty of companies offering to put a skylight in the roof, but I knew how to install one, and the prices I was quoted was ridiculous. I also received some very bad advice over where the best place was to put a skylight in my home. After speaking to friends, many of whom had also been put off having a skylight installed for the same reasons, I decided this was an opportunity I could take advantage of. With my background in construction, I was easily able to offer friends and neighbours a reasonably priced skylight installation, that I made sure was of high quality, because these were my friends.


After a few weekends and evenings working on perfecting the skylights, I started to receive calls from people I didn’t know, saying they had seen my work, and they were interested in getting their own skylight. The prices I quoted shocked them as it was way cheaper than all the estimates they had received before. It was because of these early customers that I formed Sunny Skylights, and started to work full-time, and I am proud and pleased that all these early customers are still with me, and continue to ask for new work, as they are so pleased with the quality of craftmanship, and the prices I quote them.

Since 2004, my business has just continually expanded, as has the range of services that my Company is able to provide. My commitment to quality and reasonable pricing still remains, as does my desire to meet, and work with, all our new Customers. Covering the whole of the Western Cape, we consistently work with homeowners, building contractors and property developers to ensure that their properties let as much of the beautiful African sun in as possible, and to ensure that their windows are some of the most beautiful and attractive features.